The spring rates choosen were calculated to give the same ride frequency as those on the Mclearn F1: 80 cpm Front, 92 cpm Rear.

The spring rates I am using are considerably less than those normally used in an Ultima. I think the reasons for the high spring rates used in the GTR are:

1. There are no Anti Roll Bars.

2. The front control arms are quite short. This combined with a softer spring would cause large camber changes, and roll center movement making the car scary to drive.


Many front suspension changes were made to make the car more streetable:
1. The scrub radius was reduced from 3.5" to 1.0" by relocating the the upper ball joint
2. The control arms were lengthened 2.5" to reduce roll center movement and allow softer springs to be used.
3. The brake disc and calipers were choosen for thier light weight and stiffness. From a Lola Indy Car.
4. A wheel was made to the desired offsite and weight. The front wheels have a 60mm offset tp reduce scrub radius and weighs 15.1 lbs., 5 lbs less than anything else I could find in the 16 X 8 size.
5. An anti roll bar was made to allow a lower spring rate to be fitted.

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