Hi, my name is Jay Esterer, I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I have long been passionate about cars. I have recently been working on a project to put the first BMW V12 into an Ultima GTR.

This site deals with some of the things done on my ULTIMA GTR build that are different from the usual way the car is built. My All time favorite cars are the mid-engine prototype race cars of the mid to late 1960's. Cars such as the Ferrari 512s, the Porsche 906, 908 and 917 and of course the can-am cars of that era. My dream for the last 25 years has been to have one of these type of cars to drive on the street. In 1980 I bought a Mclaren M1B can-am car and converted it for street use. The results were quite thrilling but not quite streetable. Since then I have lusted after cars such as the Ferrari BB, The BMW M1 and finally the Mclaren F1. It is the Mclaren F1 that has largely inspired the build of my Ultima GTR V12. If there was a kit car of the Mclaren F1 available I probably would have built that, since there is not I have done what I could to build a car that uses some of the same basic design principals as the Mclaren F1 My goals in building this car are quite broad. I wanted my Ultima GTR to handle like a lotus elise, sound and accelerate like a Mclaren F1 and be comfortable enough to drive everyday.