Weight Reduction:

Wheels are smaller and lighter:

15.1 lbs each, Front.
21.5 lbs each, Rear


Tires are smaller and lighter:

225/50/16 front, 23 lbs each.
285/40/17 rear, 29 lbs each.


Brake discs weight 7.5 lbs each.

4/24/03 12:30 PM

Battery is 14 lbs instead of 45 lbs.

4/24/03 12:33 PM

Radiators is aluminum and weights 7.0 lbs.

4/27/03 3:18 PM

Fuel Cell:

Fuel pumps are not pretty and quite noisy so they were put inside the tanks.

There is one Scavenge pump and one pressure pump in each tank, each tank feeding one bank of 6 cylinders. The fuel tank is 1.2 mm aluminum with 4 mm of polyethylene inside. Rotational Molding was used to melt the plastics into each alloy shell. Foam was then put in each tank and the pumps were installed. There is a fuel gauge sender in the left cell. Drive by wire & throttle bodies were removed and replaced with 325i parts.

4/27/03 7:36 PM

4/27/03 7:36 PM

4/27/03 7:37 PM



Dash Pod:

The gauges from a Miata are used with a custom pod covering them. The mechanical speedometer is driven by a motor which gets it's info from a computer which gets its signal from the right rear half shaft. The oil pressure and tempeture sensors are Miata items. The Tachometer signal is reduced by 33% to be accurate.


Odds & Ends:

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